Havana D'Primera - Alexander Abreu

The band is directed by Alexander Abreu, widely recognized as the greatest trumpeter of his generation -- a key part of Paulito FG's Élite during its glory years and the first call studio trumpeter for everyone from Juan Ceruto to Juan Formell to Issac Delgado. There had always been rumors of Alexander's behind-the-scenes creative contributions in the form of coros and mambos, but he's now come front and center as a dominating lead vocalist and songwriter. His voice is reminiscent of Robertón but with the added melodic sophistication of a skilled instrumentalist. His writing and arranging are brilliant.Every musician is an all-star -- from pianist Antonio Rodriguez to conguero "El Toro" Castillo to corista Enrique "El Gordo" Pérez to trombonist Carlos Álvarez.
Enrique "El Gordo" PérezRaúl TobiasTony RodríguezKeyser JiménezHarold DíazRodriguez Jannier MiyanGuillermo del ToroHarold DíazRogelio NápolesGuillermo del ToroRogelio NápolesRodriguez Jannier MiyanGuillermo del ToroTony Rodríguez, Raúl Tobias, Enrique "El Gordo" PérezGuillermo del Toro