THE 3RD YEAR OF THE BIGGEST CUBAN SALSA FESTIVAL IN THE U.S. Every Year we get bigger and better!! For the Third year we will be featuring: * 50 Intermediate and Advanced Workshops in Rueda, Casino, Son, Afro-Cuban Folkloric and more * 4 nights of parties with 3 Live Timba Bands, 3 DJ's, Dance Performances, and social dancing with the world's Casino and Rueda community all night long!! * A Beginners Track in a full ballroom with two hour classes with the same teacher. * Instructors Track. A separate class for the teachers and the T.A.s in the Casino community. Participation is subject to meeting the requirements. * 2 more class spaces, 4 - 5 classes to choose from every hour. Beginners Track, 2 Int level ballrooms, 1 Advanced level ballroom and the Instructors track. * After-Party Space with DJ. Party till 5 in the morning!! * Private Lesson Area. Book with your favorite instructor Venue and entertainment line-up coming soon. That means 5 days of the best Timba , Salsa and Casino parties