"Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive."

- Howard Thurman


(photo by Nate Slater)

As a photographer of over 40 years, experiencing the degree of innovation and quality of photographic gear available is exciting. Virtually any brand of camera and lens is capable of producing exceptional images. On a purely technical basis, there has never been a more dynamic time to embrace photography.

However, we are awash with images. If you stop and think about it, the number of images snapped and shared on a daily basis defies imagination. And of this enormous number of images, most are forgettable and in fact, forgotten shortly after having been viewed.

How many are compelling? How many result in you studying them or reflecting upon what you are viewing? Do you see an image and feel transported to the place or event? What determines a connection to an image?

Patrick Hickey
patrick at idyll dot com

Camera Bodies

Zeiss Batis 2/25mm ZE
Sony/Zeiss Sonnar T* FE 1.8/55m 
Zeiss Batis 1.8/85mm ZE

Heliopan Variable Lichtfilter ND 0,3 - ND 1,8
Markins Q-Ball M10 ballhead
Slik Pro 613 CF Carbon Fiber Tripod
MITRA 3D Mic Pro

Capture One Pro 9.3
Gretag Macbeth Color calibration
Christophe Metairie ICC color profiles
Final Cut Pro 10.2.3
Compressor 4.2.2
Motion 5.2.3
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Alafia Dance Ensemble
The Last Mambo - documentary Directed and co-produced by Rita Hargrave
BootCampDevOps.com - video testimonials shoot
Kevin Moore Book Series on history of Salsa and Dance - multiple liner and cover shots
Staff Photographer - timba.com
Brian Andres and the Afro-Cuban Jazz cartel CD release - video and inner liner shot
Brian Andres and the Afro-Cuban Jazz Cartel - promotional video shoot
Alexander Abreu & Havana D' Primera - live shoot of Cuba's hot 2012 band
Yoshi's San Francisco - Marlow Rosado promo shoot
2012 SALSAtlanta - The Three Day Cuban party
Cuba Caribe Dance Festival - 2014 San Francisco dance festival
Cuba Caribe Dance Festival - 2013 San Francisco dance festival
Cuba Caribe Dance Festival - 2012 San Francisco dance festival
Alexa Weber Morales - live shoot of Alexa's performance at Yoshi's
San Francisco/Bay Area Salsa Rueda Festival - 2009 - 2010 - 2011 - performances and artists
San Francisco/Bay Area Salsa Rueda Festival - 2011 - timba.com feature
Timbalive CD release "La Timba Pa' To el Mundo" 2011 - CD jacket shot
Rumbaché - 2011 - "Llegó la Fiesta" CD jacket shoot and web site photography
Felix Samuel - Felix Samuel web site main photo.
San Jose Jazz Festival 2011 - artist feature shoot
Nora Roman and the Border Busters - 2011 - CD cover photo contribution
Mission Vario Project - Soul Criollo - 2010 - CD front and back cover, the music of Marcus Lopez
Christian Tumalan - cover art, performances
Las Que Son Son - performances
Afri-K-Sineras - performances
Rueda con Ritmo - Cuban dance, performances
Zambaleta Dance - dance, performances
Bailamos Salsa Rueda - live performance and dance
TripSite - International Travel photos
food shoot - My Mom's Mole, packaging shoot for client in Watsonville, CA